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düsseldorf carnival

It’s time for a new trip with Thalys, and this time in Germany for the Düsseldorf Carnival. It was my very first time!
I went to this trip with my best friend Jérôme for 2 days. The entire travel experience with Thalys was, as expected, amazing. The trip from Paris to Düsselfdorf took around 3 hours and 30 minutes and they served us a complete and healthy breakfast meal.
It is really great to travel with Thalys especially in First Class as the service is top-notch!


I was luckily invited by Thalys and the tourism office of Düsseldorf to participate the big and historical carnival of the city, which takes place once a year. This is actually the most colorful and the most-awaited carnival in the country. Imagine a long 7-kilometer parade with around 70 chariots lined up and moving in front of thousands of people cheering in excitement the classic “Helau” and happily anticipating for the candies threw from the people in the chariots.

düsseldorf carnival

Indeed, I was fortunate to be part of the people in the chariots to toss the candies to the crowd. What a funny and remarkable experience, we were disguised in our colorful outfits and wigs that added more colors to this exhilarating event.

I was in the international chariot surrounded by people coming from the United States, Canada, Germany, France, and other countries (yes, because we were around more ten people composed of influencers/journalists to be invited in this travel) as you can see here.


düsseldorf carnival

On the 11th of November at 11:11 am, is traditionally the official launch of the Carnival, with the awakening of Hoppeditz, a typical crazy character.

The beginning of the year is the key moment of the Düsseldorf Carnival, when the princely couple of the season is elected. More than 300 sessions, carnival receptions and costume balls take place until the end of Carnival, the Ash Wednesday.

February 20th, 2020 – Altweiberfastnacht (the day of old nice women) where the women would rush to the town hall to take control of the Mayor in prison. In general, he can redeem his freedom with a few bottles of wine and a given condition of singing bawdy songs. To those who would have to work on this day will go tie-hunting at their workplace. Then of course have a party in the streets and bistros. 

February 23rd, 2020 – Sunday: Unorganized parades and parties everywhere in various districts of the city.

February 24th, 2020 – Rosemontag (Monday Roses) The day when the carnival reaches its peak during the grand parade – We were invited to participate in this parade !

To find out more about the parade, check the vlog > here


We stayed in Hotel Friends Düsseldorf, a great hotel a few minutes walk from the Düsseldorf train station. Definitely practical especially when you are only staying for a few days and want to explore the city!
The decoration is quite unique and stylish, each room has a special theme – the one we got was a music artist style.


düsseldorf carnival
düsseldorf carnival
düsseldorf carnival


düsseldorf carnival


→ Nooij Dutch Deli – A fancy restaurant serving Dutch and European cuisine. Their specialty was the roasted chicken with different sauces, do not hesitate to try it out you will never regret.

Me, I tried the salmon pasta, it was scrumptious ! Overall, the serving is not only delightful but also generous.

→ Lina’s coffee brew & bar – A very instagrammable café and well, we had good food and loved the matcha latté !

→ Izmir Kebap Haus –  If you would like try Kebab upon arrival, this is just located beside the train station and the hotel. The plate is delicious and tasty, I took the classic döner, it was superb!
& also because the German Kebab is a must try (for me, it’s the best)!


Here are some of the activities that we could do in Düsseldorf

  • Kunstsammlung NRW – K21 Permanent exposition “In Orbit” by Tomáas Saraceno
  • The Cali Dreams Instagram Museum The biggest Instagram museum of Germany
  • Schumann Virtual Reality Expérience The life of famous composer Robert Schumann and his wide Clara in Düsseldorf in 1830
  • Altbier-Safari 2 hours tour of 5 breweries in the old town of Düsseldorf and beer tasting. Discover the real culture of the beer and its way of life with all the senses
düsseldorf carnival

Naturally, we did not hesitate at all with the choice of our activity. Right after having left our luggages in the hotel and tasted a good kebab, I went straight with Jérôme and the rest of the group in Instagram museum.

Obviously, we made a good choice!

Address : The Cali dreams Instagram Museum – Erkrather Str. 343, 40231 Düsseldorf

Voilà, I’m not going to reveal you everything, this place is definitely a must-visit! There were different studios what were instagrammable, so much fun and with complementary colors

Thank you Thalys and the office of Tourism of Düsseldorf for this amazing experience! I had a wonderful holiday, discovering and being happily part of this most-awaited carnival, and of course exploring the pretty city of Düsseldorf. I was delighted, THANKS a lot!

Book a train ticket here

Check the VLOG of this experience here
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